4 Water-Based Alternatives To Traditional Burials

We spend most of our lives on land, but there are people who truly love the sea, ocean, and everything that has to do with water. What a water lover passes, there are many cremation alternatives to choose from instead of keeping ashes in a traditional urn.

By celebrating our loved ones with the water, we can honor their interests and have ways to grieve at the same. The following four water-based methods are ideal for water lovers and can especially help if you are planning ahead after your own passing.

Eternal Reefs

Instead of placing ashes in an urn, eternal reef designs craft them into a beautiful design that is also made to help the earth. Mixing ashes with items like cement, a memorial is crafted into a smooth and circular shape that is ideal for fish and other ocean wildlife to live around.

Depending on the company that you choose, there are multiple locations all around the world where the reef can be located at. This includes coasts in Canada and the United States. In the southern United States, there are many reefs in Florida that makes it easy for family and friends to visit.

Once the memorial is in place, you have many options for visiting and honoring your loved one. One example is GPS tracking. You can receive the exact coordinates for the reef. This will help you see overhead maps and interactive tools. Boating companies can also offer you trips to the memorial so you can see it directly on the water.

Cremation Shells

Send a body to the bottom of the ocean floor where it can lay forever among the sea life. Typically when cremation are thrown into the water, they will float on top of the sea and go with the tides.

A cremation shell prevents this from happening by enclosing the ashes into a heavy shell. Once the shell sinks to the bottom of the ocean, it will dissolve along with the ashes. The ashes quickly become a part of the sea life where the person will be forever buried. Not only do these cremation shells work in the ocean, but they can be used in all bodies of water like rivers, lakes, and ponds.

Liquid Nitrogen

It's not the same kind of liquid like ocean water, but a person can arrange to have their body permanently frozen in liquid nitrogen once they pass.

The costs can be expensive, but it allows a person to potentially be brought back to life in the far future. This process is often exaggerated in movies and television, but it's a real possibility that is completed by several different companies. When looking into a liquid nitrogen, there is a lot of planning and formalities to complete the process.

Firework Memorials

A loved one can blast off into the waters with a spectacular memorial. Not only can various companies create custom firework shows, but the fireworks can be built with the ashes of the loved one built directly inside. The ashes will blast off with the fireworks and slowly settle down into the water.

When choosing a firework show, there are multiple ways to customize it for the loved one:

  • Location: Choose a body of water that the person loved. When working with local authorities, firework shows can get approved for a variety of locations. Work on obtaining proper permits.
  • Fireworks: Select from all types of firework designs. This includes different colors, fizzling fireworks, and grand finale blasts.
  • Music: Select special songs to go along with the fireworks show. This is a nice personal touch that can get added to the display.

When planning any type of water memorial, remember to follow specific guidelines and laws for the area that you live in. Continue here to read more.