2 Things Your Feet Would Tell You If They Could

Your feet often suffer a lot of abuse on a daily basis. Some of the most surprising things can cause your feet to feel achy and sore. From not eating right to wearing the wrong kind of shoes, you can actually do serious damage to your feet. In fact, there are a couple of things your feet would tell you if they could talk, things that would help make your feet healthier.

#1: Please don't wear those shoes again!

Proper footwear is an essential way to relieve aches and pains in the feet. Unfortunately, many people do not wear footwear with the comfort of their feet in mind. Although you may think your flip-flops are cool and comfortable, your feet think that your flips are a flop. Flip-flops put a great deal of strain on the feet, particularly since you typically pinch your toes against the thin strap between them to hold the shoes in place while walking. Pinching the toes can create strain, which can often lead to injury.

You may also think the stilettos you own look killer with your new dress, but they might strain your feet in the process. The higher the heel on your shoe, the worse your feet will feel. When the heel of the shoe is too high, the feet begin to slide forward, which then pushes the toes forward in the shoe and causes a pinching sensation. Unfortunately, that pinching can eventually lead to Morton's neuroma, which is the painful thickening of the tissue between the third and fourth toe.

Finally, your old and broken in shoes may feel super comfortable, but your feet may think otherwise. Old, worn out shoes likely lack the proper arch support. The more you wear your favorite tennis shoes, the more the sole of the shoe is likely to wear thin. A lack of arch support can cause the arch of your feet to eventually collapse, which can have painful results that may even affect your stride. If your shoes do not sit flat when placed on a flat surface or show signs of wear in the soles, replace them.

#2: Please consume more calcium and veggies!

Approximately a quarter of the bones in your body are located in your feet. That is why calcium consumption is highly recommended. Your body, and more specifically your feet, will thank you for increasing your calcium consumption. Calcium promotes stronger, healthier bones, which is necessary to maintain the health of your feet. A lack of calcium can make it easier for you to break bones throughout your body, especially your feet. Aside from the obvious consumption of milk, there are other foods you can consume, which includes:

  • Frozen collard greens (360 mg)
  • Canned sardines with bones (325 mg)
  • Part-skim ricotta (335)
  • Low-fat plain yogurt (31)
  • Almond, rice, soy, or fortified milk (300 mg)
  • Fortified orange juice (300 mg)
  • Frozen mac & cheese (325 mg)

Don't forget about your veggies! Your feet want you to consume more veggies because many of them contain anti-inflammatory properties. Feet that suffer from abuse often suffer from inflammation. Fortunately, consuming certain vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and kale can help reduce inflammation in areas of your body, including your feet. Dark, leafy green vegetables contain cytokines, which are essential in terms of combating inflammation.

If the pain in your feet worsens or persists, make sure you see a podiatrist. A podiatrist can diagnose the underlying cause of your foot pain and offer various remedies to help treat the pain. Pay attention to any pain and make a note of how it feels, how often it occurs, when it occurs, and where it occurs. Talk to resources like Foundation Chiropody foot specialists to learn more about your options.