How Orthopedic Videos Help Your Patients And Your Practice

Orthopedic surgery is a major consideration for your patients. They should understand the procedure they are about to undergo and its consequences. However, you may not have time to sit with each patient individually and explain every detail and be sure you cover everything they need to know. That's where orthopedic videos become very useful. These are a few ways using videos in your practice helps your patients and you too.

Patient Education

When your patient is facing surgery, the best way to explain the procedure is through video complete with diagrams and video examples. Professional medical videos are carefully planned to include answers to questions your patients may have about their condition and the surgical procedure.

All details are covered so your patients are well-informed. After watching an educational video, your patient is better prepared to have a consultation with you and make a rational decision on how to proceed with treatment.

Time Management

Videos help manage time more efficiently in your practice too. You know how long video education takes, so you can schedule other appointments or complete paperwork while you wait for the patient to finish. Videos allow you to multi-task, so there is less downtime and uncertainty over how long education will take.

When you consult with a patient who is uneducated about the procedure or medical condition, the session could last so long it throws off your schedule for the day. Videos are convenient for the patient too. They can be viewed in your office or viewed online later at home, which allows the patient to watch as many videos as necessary at a pace they enjoy.

Marketing Tool

Consider using orthopedic videos for marketing purposes too. They can be placed on your website or a video channel to educate potential patients about your services. Using videos on social media sites helps build trust with patients so they feel comfortable calling for the initial appointment.

If you plan to use videos for social marketing, try to buy videos with rights to alter them with a customized introduction and call to action so the videos look personal rather than like stock footage.

You need a website for lead generation no matter what business you're in. By providing potential patients with educational materials on your site, you'll draw better-educated patients, which makes your job easier and also helps the patient understand how the surgery will help his or her condition. This puts the patient's mind more at ease, which is much better than being uncertain and worried when dealing with an orthopedic problem and future surgery.

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