3 Tips For Helping You Adjust For To Using Crutches

Using crutches can be a real adjustment. If you have to use crutches while your leg heals from an injury, here are three tips that will help you get used to wearing and using crutches.

#1 Take A Break

If you are new to using crutches, do not overdo it. Your upper body, arms and other leg are going to get sore supporting the rest of your body. You don't want to go so hard that you are so sore you can hardly move the next day. This is your new form of transportation, and you need to be able to move around continuously on your crutches, so don't wear out your body in one go. 

Your mind is also going to have to adjust to using crutches. Using crutches is going to be an exercise for your brain as much as it is going to be an exercise for your body. Take breaks, take naps and be okay with the adjustment period that your body and mind are going through right now.

#2 Invest In A Crutch Grip

Second, you can make your crutch set-up more comfortable. One way to make your crutch set-up more comfortable is by investing in a crutch grip. A crutch grip will help you hold onto your crutches more easily. It will make holding your crutches more gently on your hands. Be sure to order the right size crutch grip for your new crutches. 

#3 Plan For Where You Need To Sit

Third, when you are on crutches, you are not going to want to be getting up from the ground or from a low chair every time you sit down. With crutches, you are going to want to have lots of easy places where you can sit without having to lower yourself too far.

For your work space, you may want to invest in a stool while you are using your crutches. A stool can also be great to use at home at the counter when you are eating.  When you are relaxing on the couch, make sure that you have a foot rest or somewhere you can elevate your leg that's in a cast. Think about your seating ahead of time and practice getting into and out of your seat.

Adjusting to using crutches can take some time. Take it slow, and make your crutch set-up more comfortable with a crutch grip and be sure to practice how to get in and out of the various seats you have to use throughout the day. For more information, contact establishments like Clinic of Distinctive Therapy.