Does Your Child Need Therapy?

Today, teenagers face more struggles than their parents may have imagined. The added battles often force teenagers into situations in which they are uncomfortable or may feel like they don't have control. Even more alarming, teenagers don't always know how to process these feelings. As a parent, it's your duty to recognize the signs that might indicate your child is overwhelmed.

Declined Academic Performance

By the time a child reaches their teenage years, parents often have a fairly good gauge of their academic performance. So, when a child goes from consistently making the honor roll to barely passing their classes, it's time to investigate. 

While in some cases, the child may need extra tutoring, outside worries and distractions could take your child's focus away from school and turn it towards other activities. Unfortunately, many of these outside activities often cause a great deal of struggle. Speak with their teachers to get a starting point for their declined performance.  

Lost Friendships

Another concern not to ignore is a loss of friendships. For example, if your child no longer talks to or hangs out with the friends they have shared for years, this is alarming behavior. First, your child could be removing themselves from the friendships because they are depressed. The child could also remove themselves from these relationships to try and mask any of their unsafe behaviors. 

However, if your teenager is not hanging out with their current friends and has started to hang with a new set of people, you want to research these changes. Children often hang with crowds they feel they most relate to. So, hanging around a circle with questionable behavior may be disturbing.

Increased Anxiety

Teenagers have a relatively carefree life compared to the responsibilities that adults face on a regular basis. However, they don't always recognize this factor, so some level of anxiety is normal. But when a child becomes almost driven by the anxiety, this might be alarming behavior.

A child with increased anxiety will worry about everything, excessively. Everyday tasks like choosing an outfit for school becomes a big deal. Uncontrolled anxiety can make your child feel like they are stuck in a box and can't live their life in the way they want to. It's vital your child find a way to navigate so that they can live a more enjoyable life. 

If your child displays any alarming signs, it's essential you move toward therapy as soon as possible. Consider online therapy as a way to help your child get the help they need.