Hit The Quitters Jackpot: 5 Ways Counseling Plus Hypnosis Equals A Winning Combo To Stop Smoking Forever

Just the thought of giving up your smokes probably causes you to feel nervous and upset, even prompting you to reach for one. While they do have a firm grip on you and your subsequent behavior of lighting up, the power of your own mind is, in fact, far greater. Unleashing that power, through the hypnotic suggestions of a trained counselor, is like hitting the quitters jackpot. Here's why:

1. Hypnosis Calms

Without a cigarette between your fingers, you're going to be anxious; however, hypnosis has the power to calm and make you feel like everything is going to be okay. Relaxation techniques, along with the hypnotic message, will keep you cool and collected, even in the midst of chaotic withdrawal. A counselor will instruct you on the most effective relaxations methods for you, such as deep-breathing, meditation or exercises, among other things.

2. Hypnosis Comes Back To Haunt You (When You Need It Most)

Hypnotic suggestions linger in the subconscious long after the hypnosis sessions themselves. You might be stuck in an elevator with too many people or staring at a pile of work on your desk when the urge to smoke hits, which is when the powerful message from your hypnosis sessions will kick in, helping you fight back.

Even as you sleep, words will echo in your mind, reinforcing the message that not only do you want to quit, but that you can.

3. It Doesn't Have Drug-Like Side-Effects

The most common side-effects from the most popular cessation medicines are harsh, from insomnia and nausea to heart trouble and Irritable Bowel Syndrome and even seizures and suicide - enough to make you really want to light up, right? Hypnosis doesn't have such side-effects, making your transition from smoker to non-smoker far smoother. 

4. Hypnosis Ultimately Gives You The Control

When you're on any medication, you don't feel like you have the power, but that the drug itself does. Because cigarettes have such a strong hold, you want to break free with at least some element of control yourself. Your own will-power, your own resolve and your own abilities. Hypnosis tunes into the self and turns up the power you have within you, so that you'll be the one in control.

5. Counseling And Hypnosis Complement Each Other, And Your Resolve To Quit

Not only is some type of professional counseling necessary to ensure the hypnosis you undergo is the real thing, but sessions with a therapist will complement your determination to end your relationship with cigarettes. You've likely been smoking for a while, formed quite a dependency and will undoubtedly experience significant changes in your life and mentality as you attempt to "break up" with smoking, your long-term companion through everything.

Counseling can delve into the anxiety behind your addiction, too, which is particularly important to your success. You'll have a much more difficult time quitting if you don't know how to manage your nerves without lighting up.

Quitting your habit requires a carefully combined strategy, involving counseling, support, relaxation techniques and, of course, calling upon your own willpower. Reinforce that willpower with hypnosis, to maximize the effect of your efforts and, finally, achieve your goal of becoming a non-smoker. 

If you're considering hypnosis to quit smoking, contact a local specialist to learn more today!