Filling Your Prescription While Traveling and Other Pharmacy Hacks

If you have a prescription that you get regularly, you likely know a lot about pharmacies. However, when you are in a pinch, there are a few services they offer that could really help you out. Here are a few pharmaceutical services you should keep in mind.

Transfer Prescriptions

If you have recently moved and need to transfer your prescription to a new pharmacy in order to buy time before you find a new doctor, there are a few things you need to do. Potentially the easiest way to transfer your prescription is to start with your new pharmacy. Call your new pharmacy and give them all of your information (ie. name, birthdate, address, insurance info, etc.) followed by the information surrounding your prescription. You will also need to give them the location and contact information for your current pharmacy. Once you have done this, they should take care of the rest by calling your current pharmacy and explaining the situation to them. It can take some time to have a prescription transferred to a new pharmacy, so you should plan on at least 2-5 business days in order to get it all taken care of. 

Get a Refill While Traveling

Refills while traveling can be quite a bit more challenging. In the future, you should make sure that you fill your prescription before you leave, in order to avoid the hassle. It is probable that the easiest way to get a quick prescription would be to call your doctor's office directly and explain the situation to them. Depending on how long you are traveling, your physician may prescribe you a new one-fill-only medication and send it to a pharmacy near you. If you are traveling internationally, it is extremely difficult to get a new prescription filled. You may want to find some sort of urgent care doctor wherever you are and talk to them about potential solutions.

Keep in mind that these prescription solutions are mainly for non-narcotic prescriptions. Filling narcotics can be really challenging since there are so many laws surrounding their use. Physicians must be extremely careful in filling narcotic prescriptions in order to protect you and their own license. 

In conclusion, talk with your doctor or pharmacist about different ways to get your prescription filled where you need it. A little communication can go a long way when it comes to filling prescriptions, so make sure to explain your situation in detail. Good luck!