Your Options of Having a Tattoo Removed

4 Water-Based Alternatives To Traditional Burials

We spend most of our lives on land, but there are people who truly love the sea, ocean, and everything that has to do with water. What a water lover passes, there are many cremation alternatives to choose from instead of keeping ashes in a traditional urn. By celebrating our loved ones with the water, we can honor their interests and have ways to grieve at the same. The following four water-based methods are ideal for water lovers and can especially help if you are planning ahead after your own passing. Read More 

Weightlifting: How To Spot And Treat Degenerative Disc Disease

Heavy weightlifting can be one of the most taxing sports for the human body. Bearing extra weight places unique strain on soft tissues in the joints and between the vertebrae in the spine. Even though many injuries can be avoided by using proper form during lifts, as a weight lifter you should be aware of the possibility of developing degenerative disc disease, what can be done to prevent it, and how to treat and recognize it if you develop it. Read More